13 September ‘18

MMK Trading House Increases Sales in Kazakhstan

Vadim Tischenko noted that Kazakhstan was the first country outside Russia where MMK TD established a branch. The decision was driven by MMK’s logistical proximity to the country, as well as the region’s fast-growing economy and high levels of metal consumption.

MMK Trading House’s first subsidiary opened in Astana in August 2014. Since then, sales in Kazakhstan have increased rapidly, doubling almost every year. Between 2015 and 2018, the company opened offices in Almaty, Pavlodar, Karaganda and Shymkent. As of today, TD MMK-Kazakhstan has five warehouses that store more than 45 thousand tons of products.

Reinforced steels – hot-rolled and coated rolled products – account for a significant share of product sales, while high-strength and wear-resistant MAGSTRONG steel is among the new products being promoted by MMK TD in Kazakhstan. This steel is successfully used for manufacturing and repairing construction and quarry equipment as well as drilling and rock-crushing equipment, among many other uses.

Another new product is polymer-coated rolled steel produced by the Lysva Plant, which became part of MMK Group in 2017. The plant produces unique polymers with a decorative SteelArt coating. This product accurately reproduces the structure and texture of natural materials such as stone, wood and brick, while costing considerably less and being easier to install.

Metal Markets of Central Asia 2018, an international conference organised by the Metals Supply and Sales magazine, takes place on September 13-14 in Almaty. The event focuses on consumption forecasts for long and sheet rolled steel, pipes and metal products in Central Asian markets in 2018, as well as growth of rolled metals processing and SMC in the region, and the pricing environment in metals markets in 2018.

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