13 July ‘18

ММК has completed the reconstruction of its first blast furnace

The cost of the large-scale project, which was carried out in under six months, was RUB 5.4 billion, of which RUB 2.35 billion were allocated for the cost of equipment, while the rest was allocated to the construction and assembly of the works and other costs. As part of the reconstruction process, a technical refitting of the furnace was carried out, which involved the complete dismantlement and replacement of all the old elements in the furnace. It was the first time in MMK’s practice that part of the furnace was built by the company ‘Danieli Corus’ with copper horizontal fridges.

There has also been a change in the configuration and the construction of the casting beds, as they are now two-tiered. As a result, in the intermediary space it is now possible to fit transportation flumes for pig iron and slag and aspiration system air ducts, without taking up additional space at the site, which improves the architecture of the blast furnace, and also solves the problems relating to work and environmental conversation.

The aspiration system enables the immediate removal of dust-laden gases from their site of production, which as a result prevents the emission of pollutants into the working space of the unit and the atmosphere. The key technological equipment for the processing of pig iron and slag has been replaced by modern hydraulic equipment developed by the company Dneprohydromach, which also provided the gas-cleaning equipment for the aspiration system in the casting beds.

The removal of dust in the stock houses will be carried out with the help of the equipment from the company ‘Ekotex’. It is a system designed for the trapping of solid particles from the aspiration and technological gases, which are produced during the preparation of burden for the blast furnaces. The introduction of the aspiration system in the casting beds will effectively reduce the volume of harmful emissions released and improve working conditions for our metallurgists. The reconstruction of blast furnace No.1 and the construction of the aspiration system will reduce dust emissions by 600 tonnes a year.

Also as a part of blast furnace No.1’s reconstruction project, the reconstruction and the further equipping of the premise adjoining the casting beds, was undertaken. A block of additional rooms for casting beds which can accommodate the pump-and-accumulator station and priming pump station; and which is equipped with an electrical, ventilation and compressed air rooms. A modular compressor station was built, which serves as the connection for the complex of casting beds to the existing networks. PO Montazhnik was the general contractor for the reconstruction of blast furnace No.1, and the general project developer was Magnitogorsk’s Gipromez.

Blast furnace No.1, which on 1 February 1932 produced the first pig iron in Magnitogorsk, was built by the American company ‘McKee’ (Arthur G. McKee & Co). At the end of the 1990s it was fully reconstructed, in fact it was rebuilt from scratch. After this her volume increased to 1,370 m³, and her productivity reached 1.2 million tonnes per year (3000 tonnes of pig iron on a daily basis).

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