13 April ‘18

MMK Trading House welcomes members of the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers to its warehouse complex in Ufa

About 70 managers and specialists in metallurgy, metal trading, steel service centres (SSCs), and manufacturers of metal products and structures were invited to the two-day event organised by the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers (RUMSS). During the round table in Ufa, they have discussed trends in the development and production of high-quality sheet metal and pipes for industry and construction, development in the sphere of metallurgical enterprises, and steel service centres and metal warehouses.

The second day of the event is devoted to understanding the work of Ufa's steel service centres and metal warehouses. As part of this, the participants of the round table will have the opportunity to visit the MMK Trading House warehouse complex. The production department of the MMK Trading House in Ufa was named among the best in the Volga region at the Best Russian Metal Warehouse competition held as part of the Metal-Expo-2017 international exhibition.

The MMK Trading House is one of the largest metal trading companies in Russia. In the company's warehouses one can find a wide range of products: reinforcement, corner, channel, hot-rolled and cold-rolled products, rolled galvanised steel and polymer-coated steel, welded pipes, cold rolled tape, corrugated board, metal, wire, nails, fasteners, ropes and much more (more than 10,000 different individual products and sizes). MMK Trading House sells the metal products of MMK Group's companies through its own sales network, which has 29 regional offices in Russia and five warehouses in Kazakhstan. The company has won the Best Russian Sales Network competition held by the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers (RUMSS) several times in various nominations.

In 2017, MMK Trading House increased its sales of finished steel products by 11% compared to the previous year. In August of last year, a record monthly shipment volume was reached - 145.4 thousand tonnes. MMK Trading House is constantly expanding its sales geography. Last year, the company opened divisions in Novokuznetsk and Vladivostok. In February of this year, MMK Trading House's fifth division began work in the city of Shymkent in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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