13 March ‘20

MMK-Informservice develops electronic document management system

The system allows MMK to automate its work with documents, including creating, approving, signing, and issuing orders and monitoring their execution. The development helps to speed up information flows within the Company, as well as organise a single information space and save working time for employees. Its main advantages are a simple, intuitive interface, high speed, and accessibility from mobile devices. During the development process, MMK-Informservice specialists used the most modern techniques to design the interface and develop the system algorithms.

The unique characteristics of the system make it possible to simplify and speed up document flow and business communications, which relieves employees of routine work and creates additional time for solving more complex analytical and creative tasks.

Currently, the electronic document management system is used in 44 organisations of MMK Group. The system employs more than 10 thousand employees. Since the beginning of its operation, it has created more than 6 million documents and issued more than 7 million commands. The commercial version of the system, named ATACH after the former name of Mount Magnitnaya (which gave Magnitogorsk its name), is available for purchase by third-party companies and has already been successfully implemented in JSC Krastsvetmet. The system is constantly being improved in accordance with user requests and has received a large number of positive reviews.

Detailed information about the ATACH electronic document management system can be found on the website atach.pro.

MMK Group Press Office

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