12 February ‘15

MMK plans to maintain production volumes with focus on maximum efficiency

Maxim Lapin, Director for Business Development and Efficiency at MMK, during his speech at Russian & CIS Metals & Mining Week 2015 held by Adam Smith Conferences, said “Our strategy for the next 10 years is to focus on efficiency at our facility in Magnitogorsk. Efficiency means production with minimal costs and of relevant quality level.”

According to Mr Lapin, Russian metal market dynamics in the coming years will depend upon changes in Russia’s economy. If Russian GDP growth slows down, demand in metal will stagnate and there will be a certain decrease in demand for metal from key consuming sectors, such as construction, pipe production and the automotive industry in the coming three years, followed by demand recovery. These sectors remain a priority for MMK, as is demonstrated by significant production growth at Mill 5000 and cold-rolled products Mill 2000 in 2014, as well as a positive outlook for their utilization in 2015, said Mr Lapin.

Communications Department

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