11 November ‘20

MMK receives certificate of appreciation from World Steel Association

In a letter addressed to Viktor Rashnikov, Chairman of the MMK Board of Directors, CEO of the World Steel Association Edwin Basson thanked MMK for its "continued support in submitting information that allows Worldsteel to produce the annual report on CO2 and Energy intensity". Worldsteel is a non-profit organization that unites more than 85% of the world's steel companies. The Association is a member of the programme to combat climate change, and pays great attention to monitoring the volume and dynamics of carbon dioxide emissions by companies that are part of the group.

Reducing air emissions and reducing the negative impact on the environment is likewise one of MMK's top priorities. To that end, the Company is implementing its Clean City strategic initiative to 2025 which aims to reduce the air pollution index in Magnitogorsk, the city where MMK's main site is located, to 5 units by the end of the period, which corresponds to the definition of a "clean city". To reduce its impact on the environment, MMK implements the best available technologies, in addition to building new environmental protection structures and reconstructing existing ones. For instance, in August 2020, MMK launched a large-scale reconstruction of the gas treatment complex at the plant's oxygen converter shop, which will reduce emissions through the more efficient collection and treatment of flue gases. The project is slated to cost more than RUB 2.5 billion, with gross dust discharge to be reduced by at least 500 tonnes per year upon its completion.

"Here at MMK we take a responsible and systematic approach to work aimed at improving the sustainability of our production and reducing emissions. Over the past few years, the company has achieved very serious results and we, for sure, do not intend to stop there," said CEO of MMK Pavel Shilyaev. "At the same time, we strictly adhere to the principles of maximum transparency and provide our colleagues from Worldsteel with the information they are interested in, including the data that allows the tracking of carbon dioxide emissions,” underscored Mr Shilyaev.

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