11 February ‘20

MMK significantly increases deliveries to pipe industry

This is the second largest shipment to pipe companies in the post-Soviet history of the Company. Only in 2014 did MMK manage to deliver a larger volume, when the Company delivered 2.78 mln tonnes of metal products to the sector.

The pipe industry is a key segment of MMK's presence in the domestic market. In 2019, it accounted for 31% of all MMK deliveries to the Russian market. MMK firmly holds its position as Russia's largest supplier of rolling stock for the production of welded pipes. Among the main consumers of MMK's metal products are the majority of the leading pipe plants in the country: Seversky Pipe Plant, Volzhsky Pipe Plant and Taganrog Metallurgical Plant (both of which are part of TMK Group), Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant, Zagorsk Pipe Plant, TEMPO Naberezhnochelninsky Pipe Works, Novosibirsk Metal Works among others. For most of these companies, MMK is their main supplier of metal products.

Rolling stock for pipe companies is produced at hot-rolling Mills 2000 and 2500 and thick-plate Mill 5000, which since its launch in 2009, has significantly increased MMK’s production and technological capabilities for the production of hot-rolled steel which meets the needs of manufacturers of large diameter pipes. In particular, it is now possible to produce sheet metal with a width of up to 4,850 mm with a strength category of up to X120.

MMK's products have been used in all major Russian pipeline projects in the 21st century. Given that in today's highly competitive market, the most promising marketing strategy is to find and consolidate market niches, MMK pays great attention to developing new products and improving the quality of existing products. In recent years, MMK has mastered the manufacture of new products, including innovative products made from steel of different strengths, as well as expanded its branded product offering and range of products.

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