09 December ‘20

MMK leadership hold online conference with investors and analysts

This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the traditional meeting between the MMK leadership team, investors and analysts, as part of the Company’s Investors Day, took place online. The discussion was streamed in both English and Russian via the event’s website MMK Online, as well as on the Company's official Youtube and Facebook channels. Over 400 people signed up to watch the online stream, amongst them were prominent bankers, investors, analysts and journalists.

Tav Morgan, an independent member of the MMK Board of Directors, moderated the conversation between Victor Rashnikov and Pavel Shilyaev. The speakers covered many topics, such as current trends in both the Russian and international steel market, the key risks and growth drivers behind steel consumption and MMK's development goals for 2025 and beyond. In addition, the speakers discussed MMK's preliminary 2020 results, as well as the general outlook for the steel industry. Victor Rashnikov and Pavel Shilyaev answered a large number of questions which were put forward during the Q&A session. These touched on a range of issues, from Covid-19 prevention measures at MMK enterprises, to the Company's financial and dividend policies, prospects for the development of the Turkish asset MMK-Metalurji and the possibility of increasing MMK's free float.

A recording of the online broadcast is available via the link below:


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