09 June ‘21

MMK remains committed to energy saving

In accordance with MMK CEO Pavel Shilyaev’s directive ‘On the approval of the Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Programme for 2021’, 47 measures aimed at saving electricity, fuel, drinking and service water, heat and air separation products were planned for Q1 2021. 97.9% of the measures for Q1 2021 were implemented.

The economic effect from the implementation of measures to reduce energy resource consumption at MMK and its subsidiaries amounted to about RUB 6.7 million per year. In Q1 2021, it was possible to reduce electricity consumption by more than 740 thousand kWh in annual terms, thereby saving RUB 2.86 million. The main activities included replacement of incandescent light bulbs with LED lamps, modernisation of lighting systems, decommissioning and replacement of energy-intensive equipment and more. In addition, the energy saving programme has made it possible to save 826 tonnes of fuel worth the equivalent of about RUB 3 million, 665 Gcal of heat energy and 130 thousand cubic metres of compressed air and air separation products. Service water savings amounted to almost 640 thousand cubic metres.

As MMK CEO Pavel Shilyaev noted, saving energy resources not only has a significant economic effect, but is also of great environmental importance due to the reduction of the technogenic load on the environment: "By improving energy efficiency and upgrading our production facilities, we intend to drastically reduce our pollutant emissions, achieving an increase in the efficiency of our energy policy and demonstrating our commitment to the principles of ESG."

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