09 April ‘21

MMK's ecology investments exceed RUB 7 billion in 2020

Commenting on the considerable investments in environmental protection, Victor Rashnikov, Chairman of MMK's Board of Directors, emphasised that ecology is currently a key priority for MMK. To stay true to this focus, the Company always pays special attention to environmental safety and uses the available best technologies when reequipping and modernizing its facilities. "Dirty production facilities provide no competitive advantage in the 21st century, and for us as a metallurgical plant, it is also an issue of economic efficiency and not only environmental protection. By introducing new technologies, we achieve environmentally safe and cost-effective production, without decreasing our output", said Victor Rashnikov.

MMK's environmental investments are proving to be effective. For example, by implementing measures enshrined in the environmental program, total air emissions decreased by 19.6 thousand tonnes from 2019 to 2020, down to 177.4 thousand tonnes. Specific emissions declined by 4% to 17.2 kg per tonne of metal products. In addition, 1.91 million tonnes of production waste were used as secondary material resources in the sinter mix, and 10.055 million tonnes of waste slag were processed at specialised plants.

As part of MMK's Environmental Programme, 78 technical measures aimed at reducing and preventing MMK’s negative environmental impact were implemented in 2020. Another eight measures are still in progress. Among the year’s most significant measures was the construction of the aspiration system in the foundry yard of Blast Furnace No. 2. Thanks to the construction of this aspiration system, which has a capacity of 850,000 cubic metres per hour, dust emissions were reduced by 250 tonnes per year, significantly improving working conditions for miners.

Another important area of environmental investment last year was the installation of dust suppression systems in the open and closed iron ore stockpiles in the sinter mix preparation workshop, as well as dust suppression systems in the wagon tipper and the crushing department of the coal preparation workshop.

The reconstruction of the dolomite quarry drainage system in slurry pit No. 2 is another important development. As part of the environmental project to pump groundwater from the bottom of the dolomite quarry, a new extended drainage system and pumping equipment with a capacity of 500 cubic metres per hour have been put into operation at the Rudnik (mining mine) workshop. This equipment continuously pumps water to slurry pit No. 2, which is a technogenic deposit. The water from the bottom of the dolomite quarry is now used in ore dressing operations. As a result, we have completely removed the possibility of flooding in the dolomite quarry, and most importantly, have resolved a long-standing environmental issue by stopping water from the bottom of the dolomite quarry leaking into local rivers.

In addition, in 2020 MMK continued the construction of new environmental protection facilities, as part of the new production complexes being built. These include the environmental facilities at the new coke oven battery No. 12 and the chemical products recovery and processing workshop currently under reconstruction.

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