08 December ‘20

MMK consumers can check the authenticity of product quality certificates on the Company's official website

When purchasing Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) steel products, customers receive accompanying documentation, including a quality certificate. Consumers can verify the authenticity of the quality certificate in several ways.

The first and fastest method is QR code authentication. All MMK product quality certificates include a QR code located in the upper-left corner of the certificate. To verify the certificate’s authenticity, users can point the camera on their device (phone, smartphone, tablet, etc.) at the QR code and click on the pop-up titled "Open qr.mmk.ru". If the device does not support this functionality, users can download any available QR code reader app. Information about the requested quality certificate will be provided automatically, and users will receive an image of the quality certificate labelled COPY.

Another easily accessible method of authentication is to verify the quality certificate details in the corresponding section of the MMK corporate website. To check the certificate, users simply need to fill out a form specifying the number, date and time of its issue. 

Consumers of MMK products can also receive official confirmation of the authenticity of quality certificates by sending a request by e-mail to okp@mmk.ru.

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