08 September ‘20

German museum bureau to assist in developing concept for “Prityazheniye” museum and educational complex in Magnitogorsk

Development of the museum and educational complex concept will be handled by Ascreen, together with the German museum bureau Atelier Brueckner and Huttinger, an interactive exhibit developer. This project was initiated by Chairman of the Board of Directors of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Victor Rashnikov. The museum and educational complex will launch operations as early as 2025. It is expected that the new space will become the cultural and educational heart of Magnitogorsk, a meeting spot for citizens and people striving for personal development.

The complex will include a metallurgical history museum, a science museum and exhibition space, education centres for children and adults, public spaces and coworking spaces. The planned area of the complex is approximately 24 thousand m2. The exhibition at the metallurgical history museum will tell visitors about the role of metal in human civilisation and expose a whole range of natural science-related topics: from the order of the universe and physical phenomena to the latest achievements in astronautics and robotics, and will capture the interest of both children and adults.

The project concept will be developed by a consortium consisting of the Russian engineering company Ascreen, the German museum bureau Atelier Brueckner, and the interactive exhibition developer Huettinger. The project team is certain that this combination of international and Russian expertise, bringing together the various strengths of each of the consortium’s companies, will serve to create one of the finest, world-class museums.

Alexey Sergeev, CEO of Ascreen, said: ““Prityazheniye” is a unique project not only for the region but for the entire country. It will be a city within a city. We have an ambitious task ahead of us – to transform a huge territory into a museum and educational complex, equally interesting for vastly different groups of visitors and remaining topical and in demand for many years to come.”

Ascreen is a Russian engineering company with a 20-year history, possessing extensive expertise in the field of interactive exhibitions. The company’s past projects include the “Oil Pavilion” at VDNKh, the “Universe of Water” museum, and the “Russian Money Museum” in St. Petersburg.

Atelier Brueckner specialises in museum space design and is one of the most eminent museum exhibition designers in the world. Atelier Brueckner holds more than 100 prestigious awards, including the Red Dot, Cannes Lions, iF Award and others. The bureau’s past projects include the “BMW Museum”, the European Parliament building and the “King Abdulaziz Center of World Culture”.

Huettinger has worked in the planning, design and production of interactive solutions and exhibitions for 60 years and specialises in museums with a scientific theme. The company’s past projects include the “Macau Science Center”, the “Science Museum” in London and the “Hong Kong Science Museum”.

Plans to implement the “Prityazheniye” project are part of Magnitogorsk’s development strategy through to 2035. The development of the 400-hectare site will proceed in stages. Construction work began this summer, and the first sites will be leased in 2022 in time for Metallurgist’s Day. This will include a significant part of the park, the boulevard and the sports centre. It is anticipated that “Prityazheniye” will attract up to 3 million visitors a year.

The project is due to be completed by 2025. By then, all facilities of “Prityazheniye” will be in operation, including an indoor ice arena and numerous open-air recreational centres. Currently, the main buildings and territories of the park are in their planning stages, and work has begun on temporary roads and construction facilities.

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