08 February ‘21

Getting vaccinated with the help of My MMK mobile app

The programme allows users to make a request to be vaccinated against coronavirus infection easily and quickly using the mobile application. Via the app, users can make an appointment to test their eligibility for the vaccine and apply to be vaccinated. The employee can choose a convenient place, date and time for their appointment and send an electronic request for that appointment using their mobile device. Testing is conducted by 17 health centres located on MMK territory. Based on the results of the comprehensive test analysis, the employee will receive an SMS notification with an invitation to be vaccinated and a position in the electronic queue. Employees can then select the place, date and time for their first dose of the vaccine using the special Vaccination programme in the mobile app.

The programme allows employees to plan the location and timing of the necessary procedures to get vaccinated without long calls and in-person queues. The programme also allows for improved planning efficiency for the health centres and polyclinics involved in conducting testing and vaccinations of MMK Group employees.

The Vaccination programme in the My MMK app was jointly developed by MMK-Informservice, the MMK Department for Labour Protection and Industrial Safety and the Central Clinical Health Unit.

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