07 December ‘20

More than a century in service: virtual guided trips to MMK

The steam engine has been in operation for more than a century – its history is unique in terms of similar production units currently operating in Russia.

The steam engine was launched in 1913 in the armour department of the Nikopol-Mariupol Mining and Metallurgical Society. In 1941, together with other equipment at rolling mill 4500, the steam engine was evacuated to Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) in Magnitogorsk, where it contributed to the Soviet effort in the Second World War and continues to operate to the present day.

In this new virtual tour, you will learn about how the energy of expanding steam is converted into mechanical energy, how much horsepower is required to drive the mill rolls, why the original steam engine is still in use at what is now a modernised and updated steelmaking plant, and much more.

The latest video continues the Victory Route segment of the MMK-Tour. Virtual guided tours to MMK. The tours, which are available on the MMK corporate site, recount the past and present of the metallurgical giant, exploring the unique industrial facilities that have become part of Russia's metallurgical history.

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