07 July ‘21

MMK digital project receives innovation award at Innoprom-2021

Valery Rybolovlev, head of the project office of MMK-Informservice LLC (an MMK Group company), told forum participants about the project and its significance for MMK.

The work of the central control room is of major importance for the stable functioning of MMK's production site. In fact, the central control room is the main control point of the enterprise, which processes all information about the work of MMK in real time. This allows specialists to monitor the current state of all units and promptly respond to emergency situations. The central control room also enables staff to involve the appropriate services to eliminate emergency situations and reduce forced downtime of the plant's main equipment, which ultimately affects the implementation of MMK’s production programme.

"The central control room is a round-the-clock operation, ready at any time to report on the current situation at the enterprise to the head of any rank," Mr Rybolovlev stressed.

Specialists of MMK-Informservice, together with Siemens and the integrator company KonsOM SKS, implemented a pilot project to modernise the central mnemonic circuit of the automated information system of the central control room (AIS CCR). The aim of the project was to improve the work of the AIS CCR by streamlining approaches to obtaining primary data and solving integration problems, as well as to offer a new innovative approach to visualising operational information about the current state of aggregates, based on the principles of situational perception.

The core of the project was the modernisation of the plant's central mnemonic circuit, which displays information about the current state of all the main technological units at the plant in real time. Graphics primitives were also developed as a basis for the new version of the mnemonic scheme, giving it a more informative but not overloaded look.

More than 30 graphics primitives and five screen forms were developed, including for mobile devices, as part of the project. For the first time in Russia, MMK presented a prototype of 3D mnemonic circuits based on the WinCC Open Architecture platform.

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