07 April ‘21

MMK Group's Attach system praised at electronic document management conference

This year’s "EDMS/ECM Day 2021" conference focused on current trends in the electronic and digital document management systems market. Dina Bakhareva, Attach Product Manager, spoke about the EDMS implementation process at MMK Group.

The Group decided against a long-established EDMS in its efforts to improve its electronic document management system, as existing solutions on the market did not correspond to the metallurgical giant's specific requirements. In contrast, specialists working on the new Attach system managed to create a solution that precisely meets all of MMK's needs. The concept draws on current trends highlighting the important role of electronic document management systems in streamlining and managing business processes. By transforming this concept into a real-life system, Attach has become a competitive product that has attracted the interest of major industrial enterprises across the country.

Attach features an innovative one-stop interface and its web-based solution is accessible from any device, without the need to install an application or purchase additional licenses. The product can be easily integrated into a company's IT landscape, including ERP systems.

Low-code tools allow for the flexible configuration of the Attach system, meaning that the system can adapt to any company’s business processes. Administrators can configure processes using the document builder, adding different types of documents and setting up notifications without having to involve a developer.

The Attach system is used across more than 60 MMK Group companies and has also received great feedback from Krastsvetmet and Bobrovsky Kvarsit. There are now over 12,000 system users.

Managers call Attach a shining example of an IT product that combines the basic functions of a modern EDMS - signing and approving documents - with high performance and speed. Its user-friendly and concise interface, which facilitates routine tasks, and the system's ability to response instantly to any user action are among the key advantages of the Attach system.

In order to speed up document handling, the oversight required from senior and middle management has been minimised. Attach has demonstrated that the most common operations should take no more than 200 milliseconds and can be done with a single click of the mouse. As a result, companies can manage their business processes more efficiently.

Attach system developers aren’t stopping there. A new version is planned for as early as 2021, which will not only improve its existing functions, but will also contain new developments. One forthcoming release is the introduction of elements of AI technology, enabling full-text search, text recognition, clustering, voice control and opening up opportunities for the deeper integration of the Company's business processes.

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