06 November ‘20

MMK develops Industrial Internet of Things

In the Company's workshops and divisions, machines, units and electrical equipment are equipped with wireless sensors that transmit information about the object and its parameters for operation. The self-powered sensors are small and can be placed on moving objects where wired data transmission technology is not possible. They are easy to install and replace. A single device can contain several sensors, each transmitting various parameters at once.

One of the divisions where pilot projects related to the Industrial Internet of Things are being implemented is the water supply department. For example, at one of the pumping units in pumping station No. 3., a system to allow wireless monitoring of temperature and vibration parameters for bearings, as well as their rotational speed has been created. The system can also control the position of gate valves, pressure in the pipeline and the power consumption of the unit. The system will allow for operational monitoring and assessment of the technical condition of equipment and will help to prevent emergency situations.

In addition, the water supply department is implementing a pilot project to assess the technical condition of electric machines by measuring the drive motor's physical parameters using a smart sensor. The system will make it possible to analyse the data obtained, and alongside this develop diagnostic solutions, conduct assessment and plan for necessary repairs and their timing. It will allow for a switch from scheduled repairs to ongoing repairs, as and when they are needed. The programme is capable of self-learning and accumulating experience (knowledge base), which means that more accurate forecasts, solutions and recommendations for operation can be issued in the future.

The plans include moving to expand the array of sensors and parameters transmitted and increase object remote control, as well as information exchange between sensors. Cameras with computer training programmes and programmes for complex data analysis, forecasting, modelling and optimising operating conditions will also be introduced.

All projects successfully tested in the workshop will be developed and implemented in other pumping stations in MMK's production workshops.

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