06 October ‘20

MMK develops innovative new products

Modern metallurgy is innovative in many ways, so it is no coincidence that MMK considers the development of scientific and technical activities as the most important task for improving production efficiency. The Science and Technology Centre at MMK is responsible for scientific and technical policy and the implementation of innovative activities at the Company. The Centre annually implements innovations aimed at reducing production costs, meeting consumer expectations and introducing new equipment designed to improve product quality and conserve the plant's resources.

In this regard, MMK is constantly working to improve metallurgical technologies and develop innovative products to meet existing or future consumer requirements. This makes the plant not only a reliable supplier of metal products, but also a promising partner who increases the potential of the domestic metals industry.

As part of the programme for the development of innovative products in H1 2020, MMK mastered production technology for rolled sheets with a width of 2055 mm from S235J2 steel. The aim of the project is to expand this brand's range of steel at hot-rolling mill 2500 in sheet rolling shop No. 4. In addition, in order to expand the size range of the premium brand of high-strength and wear-resistant MAGSTRONG steel, in H1 2020 the production technology for rolled sheets with a thicknesses of 35, 40 and 50 mm from MAGSTRONG W900QL steel was also mastered. Delivery issues in the shipping of experimental batches to consumers are in the process of being resolved. There are plans to conduct additional production experiments to master the production technology of sheets with other thicknesses.

MMK has also refined its technology for producing wire rods with a diameter of 5.5 mm made of S2Ni2 and S3TiB steel. This will allow for the expansion of the brand range of the long-product shop to provide MMK-METIZ Magnitogorsk Hardware and Calibration plant with rolling stock for the manufacture of import-substituting welding wires, which are intended, in particular, for bonding large-diameter pipes. The addition of titanium and boron give the products superior strength and high plasticity. Rolled products were shipped to MMK-METIZ for experimental processing.

Additionally, during H1 2020 the Company developed production technology for hot-dip galvanized steel with deep-matt polymer coating modules of an average corrugated surface texture of GOST 34180, in sizes 0.45х1250 mm and 0.50х1250mm, in colour ways 7024 and 8017 and with RAL scale. This will expand the range of hot-dip galvanized rolled products with polymer coatings produced by MMK. Rolled products have been shipped to consumers for experimental processing.

In total, according to the results of the development programme for innovative products in H1 2020, 8246 tonnes of new rolled metal products were shipped to consumers, the cost of which amounted to RUB 365 million. The profit from the sale of these products amounted to RUB 50 million.

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