05 March ‘21

MMK presents software development for import substitution

The system is MMK-Informservice's own software and is the result of long-term efforts to find effective document management solutions for MMK Group. Foreign software was initially used for this purpose, but this has become obsolete in the era of digitalization. While there were a range of standard electronic document management solutions (EDMS) on the market, these were not user-friendly and didn't take into account the specifics of the plant's internal business processes. In response, the Group decided to come up with its own system. The initial roadmap was developed in 2016, setting out the process of transferring 10,000 employees onto the Attach system. Within a year, the system had been implemented across all MMK Group subsidiaries.

MMK-Informservice specialists succeeded in creating a mobile, convenient and user-friendly system that makes working with documents quick and simple. The development helps to speed up information flows within the Company, as well as organise a single information space and save working time for employees. Its speed, mobile accessibility and simple, intuitive interface that doesn't require any extra training, make the Attach system stand out. In addition, the system can integrate with any Russian and open-source software. It also links with well-known accounting and EDI systems and allows users to make changes to the system without the need for a developer. Documents can be signed using a range of electronic signatures and from a range of different devices.

The Attach system is not only ideal for those companies participating in the Import Substitution Programme, but also for those who are simply striving to achieve a more modern and efficient approach to document management and corporate communications.

There were a wide range of different participants at the "Import Substitution 2021: First-hand experience" TAdviser conference. These included IT professionals, customers and state representatives. During the event, participants discussed the issue of import substitution in the Russian IT sector, the measures needed to stimulate import substitution, and whether Russian products and solutions are able to support complete import substitution across the whole Russian economy.

MMK-Informservice is a leading provider of IT solutions and services boasting 15 years of experience of working in the Russian market and a team of over 600 employees. It is a part of MMK Group, one of the world's largest steel producers and a leading Russian ferrous metals company. MMK-Informservice provides a range of services, including the development of high-tech business solutions, the development and implementation of telecoms and business applications, production automation solutions, and the installation and maintenance of corporate IT infrastructure.

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