04 March ‘21

MMK and CROC launch a new modular data processing centre

The MMK modular data centre is specialised to host server and network equipment. With an area of 200 square metres, it is designed to accommodate 36 racks with a total IT load of 208 kW, rendering it large enough to fit at least 400 units of modern, high-performance data storage and processing equipment. Its fiber-optic cable system enables data transfer at speeds of up to 100 Gigabites per second, making it possible to organise access channels to the data centre's resources with maximum bandwidth. The centre will enable MMK to become self-sufficient in its computing capacity over the years ahead.

The new centre was primarily constructed to accommodate an increase in the volume of processed information MMK handles. This growth has been directly linked to MMK’s business expansion, with the Company seeing an increase in both the number and complexity of automation and digitalisation projects, as well as the quantity of regulations related to fault tolerance and IT resource availability. The modular data centre will house the IT infrastructure needed for projects unifying MMK’s EMS system and its corporate data management systems, hardware platforms for projects using Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) technologies, personnel positioning, machines and mechanisms in hazardous areas, machine vision, mathematical modeling, advanced analytics and more.

"It was important for us to create a data centre that reflects MMK's leading position among Russian ferrous metallurgy companies. With the help of this new centre, we plan on increasing the reliability of the company's IT management systems, consolidating our computing power and creating an infrastructural foundation for MMK's digitalisation strategy”, commented Vadim Feoktistov, Chief IT specialist at MMK and Director of MMK-Informservice.

"The modular data centre was constructed as part of MMK's comprehensive cooperation with CROC. It will respond to the urgent need to maintain business continuity, and importantly, will assist in the full-scale implementation of the Company's digital development programme", said Oleg Terekhov, Deputy General Director and Director for the Mining and Metallurgical Sector at IT company CROC.

Specialists at CROC carried out the design and survey work, prepared the site for construction and ensured it had the required infrastructure. The project was unique in that the process of assembling the modules, including installing key equipment, took place almost entirely in Samara at the manufacturer’s site and the modules were only later transferred to Magnitogorsk. This made it possible to significantly reduce the scope of work and time spent at the MMK site.

The modules were assembled with high accuracy thanks to the use of BIM technologies. The centre’s modular design allows for flexible scaling – it is able to consistently increase the number of additional modules in order to accommodate the racks. Another technical solution implemented was an air conditioning system that maintains a set humidity level in the engine rooms and in the dispatch system.

Additional information:

PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) is one of the world's largest steel producers and holds a leading position among Russian ferrous metallurgy enterprises. The Company's Russian assets include a large metallurgical complex with a full production cycle, beginning with the preparation of raw iron ore materials and ending with the deep processing of ferrous metals. MMK produces a wide range of steel products with a dominant share of products with high added value. In 2020, MMK produced 11.6 million tonnes of steel and sold 10.8 million tonnes of steel products. MMK Group's revenue totalled USD 6.395 billion in 2020, while it's EBITDA amounted to USD 1.492 billion.

CJSC CROC Inc. is a leading company in the Russian IT market. The company helps to create a new digital ecosystem within society and has completed projects in 42 countries around the world. CROC provides a full range of IT services across system integration, consulting, replicated products, managed B2B services and advanced end-to-end technologies such as Big Data, blockchain, AI, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, robotics and machine learning.

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