03 September ‘19

PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works is implementing environmental initiatives with support by thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

The key priority of MMK’s environmental policy is implementation of measures included in the Clean Air program, which is part of the Ecology national project and the Clean City strategic initiative.

Within 2018 to 2025, the budget of MMK for implementation of environmental initiatives will exceed 38 billion rubles. By 2025, it is going to ensure many-fold reduction of the most hazardous contaminant emissions

An action plan aimed at improvement of the environmental performance of the coking and by-product facilities is part of MMK’s investment program. To this end, a comprehensive upgrade will be implemented at the Coke Plant within the next few years.

The objective of the above inspection was to review the condition of production facilities – coke oven batteries, service machines, by-product units, quenching systems, coal and coke handling facilities – with regard to process performance and environmental impact to assess the current situation and provide recommendations for maintenance and repair, identify the optimization potential and additional environmental protection measures.

As part of the inspection, apart from required measurements and review of documents provided by MMK and visual examination, drone technologies were used for real-time diagnostics of production facilities in hard-to-reach areas.

The inspection results and expert review of the drone survey will be summarized in a report currently being elaborated by specialists of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions. Furthermore, recommendations will be issued with regard to urgent and long-term measures for maintaining and extending the lifetime of coke oven batteries and other production facilities, as well as suggestions will be made for improvement of the company’s environmental performance.

MMK appreciates the importance of the work performed on inspection of the coking and by-product facilities. Continuous reduction of the adverse impact on the environment and introduction of best available technologies are critical elements of the company’s corporate strategy.

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