02 April ‘21

RPA software robot developed at MMK Group collects information for Mitsubishi Corporation (Russia)

For many companies, getting information online quickly is an important area that affects operational performance. Robotisation makes this process more efficient, faster and more accurate.

The robot software developed by Next for Mitsubishi Corporation (Russia) is based on an algorithm that can find, process and email employees with relevant information on keywords specified by the user, for a specific period of time.

By performing the task of quickly finding relevant data for the client company's employees, the robot significantly reduces labour costs and completes the task in much less time than it would take a human. The ability to rapidly process large amounts of information is an important advantage of RPA robotics software technology. The software robot is easy to use, and no special knowledge is needed.

The robot mimics the actions of a person by interacting with the website through a user interface. It does not overload the resource and does not require direct integration with the website via API.

"For MMK, digitalisation is a development priority and a driver of the Company's growth," notes Vadim Feoktistov, MMK's Chief IT Specialist. “This is evident in MMK's Development Strategy adopted in 2020, in which digitalisation is one of the key tools for achieving the Company's strategic goals.”

Digitalisation at MMK is based on more than 100 digital transformation projects which affect almost two dozen key functional areas of the Company's operations. Priority areas include an integrated corporate information system, mobile access to key business applications, the use of artificial intelligence technologies to solve issues related to modelling and forecasting of technological and business processes, end-to-end planning of customised production and operational management of order fulfilment.

Next is based at MMK-Informservice, an MMK subsidiary, and implements RPA projects of any complexity for companies from all over the country. Since 2018, the Next team has implemented a large number of major RPA projects.

Mitsubishi Corporation (Russia) LLC is wholly owned by Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), a global integrated business enterprise that develops and manages businesses in virtually all business fields, together with its offices and subsidiaries in approximately 90 countries and regions worldwide, as well as a global network of around 1,700 group companies.

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