02 March ‘20

MMK creates unified corporate IT management system

As part of the project, MMK-Informservice has automated the Company's main IT processes. These include incident management, dealing with service requests and managing IT configuration units. Thanks to a specialised portal and a customised catalog of business services, various work processes can be carried out through a single channel.

"Creating a unified corporate IT management system has long been a priority for MMK Group. This system is essential to improving the maturity of IT processes and adapting them to the ever-growing, modern-day demands for IT efficiency and customer focus. The new system, as a modern, flexible, customisable and scalable solution designed for heavy loads, addresses these issues resoundingly. Thanks to this system, we expect IT services to become more user-friendly, more manageable and more transparent. This will allow users to more efficiently make use of IT services, via a single automated platform. This will help us switch to a business orientated IT management system, which is a key step towards developing MMK Group’s digital services," remarked Vadim Feoktistov, MMK Group's Chief IT Specialist and Director of MMK-Informservice.

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