01 July ‘21

MMK joins Social Charter of Russian Business

According to the Charter, the mission of entrepreneurs is to ensure the sustainable development of independent and responsible companies in a way that meets long-term economic interests and contributes to the achievement of social peace, security and well-being of citizens, protection of the environment and respect for human rights.

The Charter sets forth principles of doing socially responsible business that include building trusting relationships with partners and investors, ensuring decent working conditions for employees, caring for the environment and supporting the development of local communities. To date, the Charter has been joined by 276 organizations which together comprise more than 7.5 million employees. 

MMK's activities fully comply with the principles of the Charter. The Company devotes significant attention to issues of sustainable development, social projects and the environmental agenda. In 2020, MMK invested more than RUB 7 billion into environmental protection activities and reduced net emissions into the atmosphere by 19.6 thousand tonnes. Meanwhile, MMK's investments in charitable and social programmes amounted to RUB 2.18 billion, an increase of 21.8% from 2019.

This year, the Company successfully released an integrated annual sustainable development report prepared in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative standards (GRI Standards).

MMK Press Service

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