01 March ‘21

MMK Industrial Park residents record strong financial results in 2020

2020 saw the total volume of products shipped by the MMK Industrial Park residents double, amounting to more than RUB 3 billion. This indicator is increasing by more than 100% each year.

Total investment was also up, rising by 15% to reach RUB 294 million. In total, since the foundation of the site in 2016, residents have invested over RUB 750 million in its development. This demonstrates residents’ high level of trust towards the management company and their confidence in growth prospects.

320 new jobs were created in 2020, bringing the total up to 927 for the whole site. This number increases each year as new residents arrive and existing residents expand their production.

The site recorded a total of RUB 190 million in taxes paid, a 20% increase from 2019. This was made possible by the 2016 introduction of both regional and municipal benefits, which attracted more investors to the site.

The park has developed dramatically over its first five years of operation, moving from a site with investment attractiveness below the industry average, to one of the industry leaders. Based on 2020's results, the MMK Industrial Park is now one of the top investment sites in the country.

MMK-Industrial Park is a subsidiary of MMK and MMK-Metiz. MMK Industrial Park is a business-ready asset complex with an area of 65 hectares. With a comprehensive engineering infrastructure and a developed rail network, it boasts the necessary conditions to quickly launch virtually any new production process. The Park has been accredited by the Ministry for Industry and Trade, which enables its investors to benefit from the tax relief system. At present, there are 33 residents on site. MMK, alongside industrial park residents, actively co-finances projects to support and stimulate business development in Magnitogorsk.

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