01 February ‘21

MMK studies customer satisfaction with the help of online surveys

To ensure customers’ maximum satisfaction, regarding both their current and future needs, MMK has developed a new support system that will better clarify individuals’ needs and improve feedback. The online survey that were introduced in December 2020 will work to serve and achieve these aims.

The new system’s user-friendly interface provides customers with the opportunity to not only rate different areas of the company online, but also to leave comments with suggestions and remarks about MMK’s work. The questionnaire is fully automated, which allows MMK to respond quickly to complex requests and to receive from users the information necessary to correct any issues.

The automated system removes the need for paperwork, something common in traditional survey taking, and thus eliminates the risk of human error that arises with the processing of large amounts of data.

In addition to the above, the new system also makes it possible to get feedback from a larger number of counterparties, to save all the necessary information in one database, to process surveys quickly and at any time, and to compare results with those of earlier surveys.

This automated online monitoring of customer satisfaction and expectations, through online surveys, will help to develop the company’s customer-oriented approach and to strengthen MMK’s position in the metal products market.

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