21 January ‘22

MMK to implement new blast furnace decarbonisation technology

During the construction of blast furnace No. 11 at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK), SMS Group will employ decarbonisation technology to ensure high environmental standards at the facility.

By using ‘syngas’ (synthesis gas), which is a combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, SMS Group will improve the efficiency of MMK’s processes, as their technology replaces a large part of the solid carbon fuel in the blast furnace process, setting the stage for greater decarbonisation in the future. SMS Group’s subsidiary, Paul Wurth, designed this newly developed, environmentally friendly technology, which will be employed at blast furnace No.11. By blowing synthesis gas into the blast furnace shaft, CO2 emissions will be reduced, and the productivity of the furnace will also be increased.

“We welcome the opportunity to continue working with MMK in developing and implementing such innovative solutions” said Georges Rassel, CEO at Paul Wurth. He continued, “this solution will allow our customer to quickly achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions with a relatively small investment”.

The contract for the blast furnace No.11 project was signed in June 2021. Advanced technologies developed by the Paul Wurth company will be used in the construction of the new blast furnace, which will allow MMK to meet very high environmental efficiency standards.

“Part of our contribution to this project is the manufacturing technology, but also supporting the manufacturing process in using syngas, which can be blown into the blast furnace shaft”, highlighted Dr. Thomas Hansmann, the technical director of Paul Wurth, and head of Metallurgy at SMS Group. “This technology has the potential to deliver a significant reduction in emissions. It is a flexible system, which allows for an increase in overall performance”.

SMS Group has 150 years of experience in technology and equipment for steel production and supports clients like MMK all over the world. Through the company Paul Wurth, a subsidiary of SMS Group, they offer customers a wide range of services, including for the construction, maintenance and servicing of whole blast furnaces, but also of Direct Reduction Furnaces, under license from Midrex®. SMS Group’s technological solutions are supporting the transformational movement of the global steel sector towards a low-carbon, environmentally friendly steel future.

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