29 June ‘22

MMK Wins National Environmental Award

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works has been recognised with the national Ecotech Leader 2022 award in environmental technology, in the category ‘Reduction of Harmful Emissions into the Atmosphere’. The prize was awarded at a ceremony held in Moscow on 27 June.

With this notable award, the jury and the award organisers recognised MMK’s comprehensive work to develop a modern production process equipped with highly efficient environmental protection facilities that reduce the impact on the environment and make the site’s work as safe as possible for residents of Magnitogorsk.

The award was granted, in particular, for MMK’s projects to commission a dust suppression system at its blast furnace and coal preparation shops, to reconstruct gas-cleaning facilities at its oxygen-converter and steelmaking shops, and to construct its coke plant no. 12. The reconstruction of gas-cleaning facilities at the oxygen-converter and steelmaking shops is estimated to have reduced dust emissions into the atmosphere by a total of 800 tonnes per year in 2022, while the construction of the new coke plant no. 12 complex, scheduled to begin operation in 2023, will reduce emissions into the atmosphere by 11,350 tonnes per year.

MMK is introducing these initiatives as part of its work to reduce its impact on air quality in Magnitogorsk and to implement the federal ‘Clean Air’ project. Between 2017 and 2021, these measures reduced gross emissions into the atmosphere by 22.4 thousand tonnes and saw the concentrations of benzopyrene and dust decrease by factors of 3.8 and 1.5, respectively. In addition, the Comprehensive Air Quality Index (CAQI) in Magnitogorsk has already decreased by a factor of 2.6 to 5.8 units.

MMK has received a national Ecotech Leader award for the second year running. In 2021, MMK was awarded in the category ‘Construction of Environmental Protection Facilities’ for implementing its environmental strategy.

Besides reducing atmospheric emissions, MMK’s environmental activities include projects to manage water resources and production waste. In 2018, a new water recycling system was launched at the plant, eliminating industrial discharge into the Magnitogorsk reservoir entirely, while the depleted western open-pit mine at the Magnitnaya mountain was recultivated. In addition, MMK employees regularly carry out landscaping work across various districts of Magnitogorsk.

The Ecotech Leader award recognises achievements in developing, implementing and promoting effective technologies in ecology and environmental management. The competition’s Council of Experts includes representatives from the government, the business community, development institutes and investment funds, as well as scientific and environmental organisations, and industry unions and associations.

As part of the competition, companies present their projects and solutions for the rational use of natural resources, the development of environmental programmes, and the minimisation of pollution in line with the best technologies available across 22 categories, including energy efficiency and energy saving, water supply and water resource management, the effective treatment of industrial waste and others. 

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