06 September ‘22

MMK Continues to Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Carbon Footprint

PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) reported the results of its energy saving and efficiency programme in the second quarter of 2022. In addition to delivering significant energy savings, MMK’s environmental programme reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 11 thousand tonnes.

Measures to reduce energy resource consumption across the plant's units and MMK Group companies resulted in economic savings of RUB 24.17 million in annualized terms. In the second quarter in particular, the Company reduced electricity consumption by 1.38 mln kWh, saving approximately RUB 5 million. The programme also resulted in annual savings of over 4.6 thousand tonnes of fuel, equivalent to over RUB 17 million, as well as around two thousand Gcal of heat energy, 391 thousand m3 of air separation products and 5.5 thousand m3 of drinking water. Savings of service water amounted to 8.5 thousand m3.

MMK’s energy-saving measures reduce the environmental impact of the plant’s operations and help to reduce CO2 emissions. The implementation of measures to reduce energy consumption at MMK’s units and subsidiaries reduced CO2 emissions by 11,046 tonnes in annualized terms in the second quarter, bringing MMK closer to achieving its decarbonisation goals.

“MMK is fulfilling its potential to contribute to cleaner and more sustainable steel production, which is vital for industry and infrastructure throughout the global economy,” said Viktor Rashnikov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MMK. He added that the principles of efficiency and sustainable development are firmly integrated into MMK’s strategy, and that the Company sees minimising its environmental impact as a top a priority.

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