22 November ‘22

MMK Incorporates Latest R&D Advancements in Production

Representatives of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works took part in the 21st scientific and technical conference “Promising New Materials, and Equipment and Technologies for Their Production”, which took place as part of Metals Week in Moscow.

Sergey Denisov, Head of Development at MMK’s Science and Technology Centre, talked about the company’s experience in incorporating technological advancements from around the world into its production of innovative rolled-steel products, as well as the work of specialists from MMK’s Science and Technology Centre to develop new products and expand the existing range of MMK products to meet market demand.

The available know-how and technological resources enable MMK to conduct R&D and carry out innovative projects for the benefit of its customers. The Company has introduced a concept called “Open Scientific and Technical Activities”, which is aimed at reducing costs and making steel products more competitive. One of the concept’s focal points is broad support for invention and innovation, including by accepting and processing proposals from MMK specialists and third-party experts through the “Evolution” crowdsourcing mobile app.

According to Sergey Denisov, MMK regularly partners with Russian and international companies and research organisations to develop new technologies and improve existing ones for the production of rolled steel, as well as to develop solutions to technological, environmental and other issues. MMK also conducts a regular competition to offer grants for targeted funding for R&D and innovative projects in its priority areas of operations. In addition, the Company is implementing a programme called “Development and Production of Innovative MMK Products” to meet the emerging or future needs of rolled-steel consumers.

As an industrial partner, MMK participates in a special-purpose federal subsidy programme, and takes part in open public competitions organised by Russia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

MMK carries out a variety of R&D activities and incorporates their achievements and new equipment in order to boost production efficiency, improve product quality and meet consumer expectations. The Company has won multiple prestigious awards at various international competitions for its scientific and technological advancements, while MMK’s embrace of innovation has placed its products in high demand among the majority of Russian automakers and shipbuilders and among more than half of the country’s pipe industry enterprises.


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