Strategy of MMK Group until 2025

Our Purpose

MMK aims to produce and deliver premium quality steel products in a way that generates value for stakeholders, improves the quality of life of our employees and the people whose communities are affected by our operations and allows our customers, and the world, to benefit from the power and strength of steel.

Our vision

MMK Group is a highly efficient Russian metals producer that focuses on meeting the needs of our customers and adheres to the best practices for occupational health and environmental safety and ensures the retention of professional, proactive and motivated personnel.

Our strategy

Is to drive value through sustainable growth, delivering quality in all aspects of the business

Our values

  • Partnership approach to our customers
  • Continuous improvement across all business lines
  • Constant development of our people, creation of opportunities for personal and professional fulfilment
  • Safety at work
  • Respect for the environment, social and environmental responsibility


Strategic initiatives

  • 1. Superior product portfoliowith a focus on an improved service offering and higher margins through premium products
  • 2. Customer focus with continuous improvements to customer service, targeting end consumers
  • 3. Leadership in production efficiency to reduce production costs through continuous improvement
  • 4. Excellence in procurement and supply chain aligned with global best practices
  • 5. Zero injuries and zero fatalities
  • 6. Corporate culture of opportunities with a focus on stronger employee engagement
  • 7. Continually improving environmental performance and reduction in CO2 emissions that minimises environmental footprint

Metrics of success by 2025

EBITDA growth
+ USD 410 mln

Metrics of success by 2025

EBITDA growth
+ USD 630 mln

Metrics of success by 2025

LTIFR reduced
to 0.45
reduction of specific CO2 emissions
to 1.8 t/t of steel


  • 1. Intelligent financial and investment policies
  • 2. Digitalisation

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