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General Information on the Annual Report
Date of Publication of the Latest Previous Report
The previous Annual Report of OJSC MMK was prepared based on 2010 results and approved by the
Annual General Shareholders' Meeting on 20 May 2011. OJSC MMK’s Annual Report 2010 is available for
review at MMK's web site
Procedure of Determining the Report’s Content
Annual Reports of OJSC MMK are prepared each year in accordance with Federal Law of the Russian
Federation on Joint Stock Companies no. 208-FZ dated 26 December 1995, as amended and with the
Regulation on Information Disclosure by Issuers of Securities of the Federal Agency for Financial Markets
no. 11-46/pz-n dated 4 October 2011.
In preparing this Annual Report, OJSC MMK aimed at the fullest possible disclosure of information
related to all aspects of its operations in 2011. The Report covers the Company’s various activities
(production, business, financial, social and environmental) of interest to all parties concerned. The
parties concerned were identified following a comprehensive analysis of the Company's operations and
the influence exerted by them on the social sphere and the environment.
As a result, top priority was assigned to the following subjects: production, financial performance, sales,
related party transactions as well as the Company’s social and environmental activities. All facts and
events influencing the Company’s ability to achieve its strategic goals were considered material.
Scope of the Report
This Report has been prepared on the basis of the results of OJSC MMK’s operations, as presented in
financial statements prepared according to Russian Accounting Standards for the 2011 financial year,
and consolidated financial statements for MMK Group were prepared according to IFRS.
Limitations Regarding the Scope of the Report
This Report provides a complete picture of MMK’s operations, and any further expansion of the Report
is possible only in terms of increasing the number of performance indicators, should such interest be
expressed by any of our stakeholders.
Influence on the Comparability of the Report
This Report includes information on MMK Group’s operational results and is therefore comparable to the
reports of OJSC MMK and the MMK Group for previous periods.
Material Changes in the Report
This Report does not contain any material changes compared to the information provided in previous
reports, or any changes in relation to previous periods in terms of the content, scope or measurement of
OJSC MMK’s results.
Boris Dubrovsky, General Director, OJSC MMK
Marina Zhemchueva, Chief Accountant, OJSC MMK
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